Carla Rankin

Each year we host the One in a Million Ball in memory of our beautiful daughter. Carla Rankin died in August 2014 after an epileptic seizure. She was only 27 years old. We’d have done anything to take her condition away from her. Despite this, she never let it spoil her life or prevent her from doing what she wanted.

Carla was an active member of Epilepsy Action. She would love that her legacy continues to raise money for a charity she much time for. We’ve been overwhelmed by the activities her friends and family have organised in her name to raise awareness of and money for this excellent organisation.

A Ball for Carla Rankin

The One in a Million Ball is an annual opportunity to celebrate Carla’s memory in a fun and memorable way whilst raising much needed funds for Epilepsy Action. She was after all one in a million to so many of you.

Team Carla. x